Recently we began a collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation to create an onboarding tool for developers to quickly enter the Ethereum ecosystem. That tool is a web IDE called Ethereum Studio which you can now find at:

Why Use Ethereum Studio?

Apart from being used as an onboarding tool for Ethereum, it can be used to easily create and share code throughout your community or students. Here are some of the most notable features.

Share & Embed

Embed your project in an article, tutorial, documentation or website. Make it easy for your viewers to quickly see code and interact with it in the browser. Alternatively, create a button that links to your Ethereum Studio project.

In-Browser Blockchain

Built-in Ethereum blockchain and Solidity compiler for rapid and worry-free development. Transactions are instant.

Live Code your WebApp

Edit your DApp with instant feedback on the visuals and the contracts. Reduce context switching and work in a fully integrated tool.

Built-in wallets

No need to use external wallets to interact with your smart contracts, we have you covered. Use our built-in wallets and forget about having to jump between different tools.

Export your full DApp

Take the rendered source code directly from the GUI and publish it on the internet to have your fully functional DApp up and running in no time. No terminal required.

Resources to get started

Start coding:
Ask us questions/request features:

What does Superblocks do?

Superblocks is a platform that provides a safe and automated process
to take smart contracts from development to production. Managing smart contracts holding millions of dollars in value is a risky and frightening process. Superblocks aim is to provide a reliable solution to get to Mainnet, no need to copy and paste in Remix from your laptop or doing any manual deployments from your terminal.

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