We are on a quest to provide a safe and automated process to take smart contracts from development to production. We treat blockchain applications as first-class citizens in our platform that consists of:

  • Continuous Integration (CI)[beta]: A practice that encourages developers to commit their code into a master branch often, rather than building in isolation and integrating them at the end of a dev cycle.
  • Release Management [in development]: Safely deploy smart contracts to private, testnet or mainnet using browser compatible wallets. There is no need to expose your private keys when using Superblocks.

Today we are announcing a massive upgrade to our CI. You will no longer be restricted to Truffle based smart contracts and can now run any framework of your choosing (e.g. Buidler and Embark). Furthermore, the CI has evolved from supporting only smart contracts to supporting your entire blockchain applications software stack (React, Node, Ruby, Python, etc, you name it!). Sign up for free here and try it out and check out our new documentation portal to learn more about new CI spec here.

New Features

We would like to thank everyone that gave us feedback over the last few months. It helped us prioritize and focus on the CI features that matter.

Custom CI pipeline

  • You can now define your own configuration in a superblocks.yaml file. This opens up the possibility to run flexible builds. Find configuration guides, references, and samples in our documentation.
  • We have introduced the concept of Pipelines, Jobs, and Stages. Once you have defined your jobs, you can decide to run them in parallel or create multiple stages which will ensure jobs get executed sequentially. Below is a screenshot of a pipeline with several stages and jobs. You can read more about all pipelines, jobs, and stages here.

Multiple repositories per project

  • We know that many blockchain projects are composed of several repositories and many smart contracts. In order to facilitate this, we have added the possibility to link multiple repositories (and their pipelines) in a single project.
  • It’s also worth mentioning that this paves the road to first-class support for mono repositories. With multiple build configurations in different packages, you will no longer need one monstrous .yaml file!

Public/Private Projects

  • Projects can now be flagged as private or public.
  • If they are set up to be public, outside collaborators will be able to access the build pipelines and check the status of their PRs in Superblocks without having to log in.


  • Email notifications for build fails are now available. Preferences can be edited under your personal settings.

Status badges

  • Now every new build pipeline configured in a project will have their own custom status badge. You can access the code under the build configuration.

New repository setup flow

  • Superblocks now provides you with a more intuitive guided tour on how to connect new repositories to a project.
  • In the future we plan to provide customized CI start setups for each project by detecting which type of project is being used.

New Documentation Page

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that we just released our new documentation page in time for this release. It’s a great place to get started with Superblocks!

Don’t hesitate to Contact us

If you need help setting up your blockchain project in Superblocks don’t hesitate to contact us directly in our Discord channel or contact me directly at javier@superblocks.com. We want to help you and hear about your development experience!